Cough and Cold are Finally Gone

My kids were sick. Both of them had cough and cold. The cough was the worst so we decided to take them both to the urgent care which I really liked since I don’t have to call for an appointment plus they closed late. Anytime, we want to go there at any day, it is okay. So, we got here and they have the same doctor. They were prescribed the same medicine which was antibiotic for 10 days. I am happy that it is over and nore coughing for our kids. Antibiotic always worked for them. Ont eh other hand, I am proud of them for not giving me a hard time taking their medicine especially my 2 year old. :) Indeed, they liked the taste… LOL!

Insurance Agency in NC

Looking for a reliable health insurance is not easy, it is a task! My husband and I spent hours online looking for the insurance that will fit to our budget. We gave up the previous health insurance because it was getting very expensive. To have an agency that will help you out finding the reliable and most affordable insurance in any form like health, auto or home will be a relief. Just like don allred insurance burlington nc Рso, if you are from that area, grab this opportunity online and enjoy the great isurance companies they have.

Health Insurance For Kids!

Our kids are very important than us adults. We did lost our health insurance before because it was very expensive. Every time the any of our kids would get sick, we took them to the walk in clinic and paid in cash. That was not fun! Sometime last month, we got online and was shopping for the affordable insurance for the kids. Fortunately, we found one and now, excited to say that we are waiting for their cards to come in the mail. When I was talking to the representative, she told me to expect within 7 days to 10 days. Hopefully, it won’t take 10 days but if so, it’s better than never.

Hercules DJ Console RMX2

Christmas is coming in just a couple months from now, So, if you are planning to buy gifts for yor lvoe ones better start doing your listing now as soon as you can and slowly buy those items before it get to the season where everybody will be crazy all over the malls, stores online and offline. If you have a musician son, daughter or  relative, paticularly a DJ. This Hercules DJ Console RMX2 will be a great gift to wrap. The reviews are available and you can read them all from different happy customers.

VA Appointment on Thursday!

I am thankful that my husband has the VA insurance where he is taken care. His appointment with VA’s are free . He had his eye exam free only it is just hard to get a hold of them. After hsi eye exam, he was told by his eye doctor that he needs a new pair of eyeglasses. But they were told by the VA that they will only get paid with the exam, no eyeglasses included. His doctor advised him to call the VA back and ask where he can go that will cover his eyeglasses.

He was been coming home early for days trying to get a hold of the VA but always ended up with the answering machine, leave your message and balh, blah. I told him that if we only have the extra money, we are not going to keep trying and waiting. Fortunately, yesterday, somebody from the VA returned his call and I answered it due to my husband was at worked. Set up an appointment for him. Available days were Wednesday and Thursday so I chose the latter. It will be at 3:15pm – I called and let him know about his appointment. Thanks GOD for that!