Worthless Collectibles

This is a great help for all the people that like to collect. I knew that majority of the collectors collect because it is part of their future investment. There are collectors out there that really making good money. Collecting the right collectible items are lucrative. This is mostly the buy and sell cases. If you are someone who is not that knowledgeable about what worth collecting and not. Here are the nine worthless collectibles according to what I read.

1.) Hummel Figurines 2.) Beanie Babies 3.) Franklin Mint Collectibles 4.) Hess Trucks 5.) Thomas Kinkade Paintings 6.) Precious moments Figurines 7.) Norman Rockwell Plates 8.) Lladro Statues 9.) Cabbage Patch Kids


Small Business Loans

There are small business owners that are looking for loans to back up their financial needs.  Fortunately, lucky those small business owners because there are places that are willing to help them. Places that specialize in small business loans. It is very hard if you are operating a business and you have no one to turn to whenever you need a loan. There is a website that can help those small business owners and what is great about this website is that your poor credit would not disqualify you. What are waiting for? Give them a visit and apply now!

Pig Pillow Pet

Our daughter already have the lady bug pillow pet and elephant pillow pet. I saw this pig pillow pet and it is cool. I found this cute though bidding is not done yet. There are still lots of time left. I would love to win this and wrap up for Christmas present. Christmas is not that far from now. As much as possible I want to buy gifts for our daughter before the Christmas come. That way, it would not be  that stressful to me. She already told me what she wants to receive on Christmas.

Occupational Therapist Aide Jobs

Are you a Occupational Therapist looking for a job? These days, job hunting can be so challenging. There are many graduates out there that are still not working because they do not have the right source of where to look for a job. If you are someone who is looking for occupational therapist aide jobs, there is a website that you can visit and regardless of where you live in the US, you can search it on the said website. This is a great way of helping those job seekers. Just visit them online and check for more information. Get updates and more.

Bought Her Purple Fashion Boots




This is our daughter’s purple fashion new boots: Original price was $22.99, got a discount of $2.99 which was not that a big discount but better than getting nothing. There were brown fashion boots but she always prefer purple. I would teased her sometimes and told her that her nickname is purple. A 110% avid fan of purple. I like this because it zips on both sides and very easy to put on and off. I promised her that we are going to shop for a boots after my Doctor’s appointment yesterday and we did. Got her some mini toys too.