Welcome to Miami

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

I started a new job in Miami a few months ago, and living here has been a major adjustment. Before moving to Florida, I lived in Boston for a while, and it is so different there. Everyone in Miami dresses so casually, and people are different than they are in Boston. I guess having to stay indoors at least five months per year changes the culture a whole lot. You can do outside activities pretty much all year around in Miami and I love that.

Hopefully it’ll help me stay healthy and in shape. I also love all of the Cuban food, and that there is always something going on at night. I have been going out a lot since I moved here, and I live alone, so I started to worry about the safety of my home. I searched home security systems Florida and got a home alarm system set up so I can feel comfortable in my new surroundings. I live in a relatively safe neighborhood, but I always think you can never be too safe.