She’s My Yellow Bear!



This bear is older than our daughter. My husband bought two bears one for him and one for me. That times were still in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. He kept this bear and sent the other bear to Philippines. Now, that we have our daughter she is the new owner of the said bear and she likes to call this bear “A yellow bear” make sense, huh?

CGU Insurance Australia

Insurance is a must regardless of where you live. I am one lucky wife because my husband purchased the insurances that we need. Speaking of life insurance, vehicle insurance, property insurance and health insurance. Life is tough but it is tougher without the insurance. A month ago I gave birth to our baby boy. We do not have to spend any penny from our pocket because we have our insurance to take care of my hospital bill. Insurance is worth paying for it is there whenever you need it.

Unfortunately, not all people can afford to purchase insurance because it is expensive. There are many insurance companies who offers different services. The fact of the matter is  not all insurances are that expensive if only you shop online and offline. For professionals and business managers they should secure and get the professional indemnity insurance  this will ensure that they are protected. Comparing the quote will help you save money and choosing the most affordable insurance that can fit to your budget.

Are you someone who live in Australia? The CGU is the right insurance company for you. Check them out! They have the different insurance services. It is easy to visit their website. Their advertiser will help you get the right insurance. This way you can save time and money.

Daddy Go To Work

Our daughter is four years old. I remembered when she was at the age of two, she was acting very strange. She was so aloof to her Daddy to the extent that my husband would question it. Time passed by she had changed started getting close to her Daddy until I got pregnant. She now would say “Daddy is my best friend” I felt guilty because I could not focus on her needs and demands anymore. I am glad that she  is closer to her Dad. They play games together, wander in our yard, drive ATV together and everything.

Every time I am talking to a friend or any of my family member. Our daughter would always ask me if she can borrow the phone for a minute because she wants to talk to my friend. She wants to tell my friend about her Daddy. Today, I was chatting to a friend and my daughter asked if she can talk to my friend which I had no choice. She told my friend about her Daddy. She was so happy and proud by telling my friend that her Daddy went to work to buy foods and toys for her.