The Big Sister

Today, our baby boy is exactly two months old. Our daughter does not want her baby brother to grow up. She would always tell me that she wants her baby brother to stay baby forever. She would always tell her baby brother that he is so cute! I do not want my baby to grow up that fast too. I want to enjoy every second with him. It seems that it was only yesterday when I gave birth to him. Having a baby is not easy but on the other hand they are angels.

Our baby brings so much joy to us. Makes us more closer to one another. I could not blame our daughter to have that love toward her baby brother. She is trying to be a responsible big sister to her baby brother. She is very attentive in giving him the milk or his pacifier every time he cries. I am so fortunate to be blessed with beautiful and healthy kids. Oh, how I wish they will stay as they are right now but life must go on. I don’t see myself having another baby anymore. As the world is getting crazy, we cannot afford to raise another child.

Wet N Wild Adventure in Orlando

 As a parents we always think for the best gift that we can give to our daughter.  She will be celebrating here birthday on July, she will be five years old. Every time she would see any TV commercial about Disneyland and Sea world she would always asked if we could go there. Since, she is not hard to take care anymore.

We decided of giving her the best gift that she will remember forever. We are going to Orlando, Florida on her birthday. Our daughter will surely love it. She knows how to swim, she loves the water. The Wet and Wild is perfect for our adventure. Thank’s to website because they have the Orlando Hotels with great deals. We love to save some money and this is the great place to look foe hotels.

They also have their Facebook official page which makes easier for me to check for any event that is coming.  A great source for getting ideas of what to do in Orlando and where to go.