Swing Set for the Kids

Our daughter has many toys in the house and outside the house. We are talking of moving to a big house because we are really running out of space. I never ever think of buying the swing set for our kids because I knew how expensive they are. Lasts week, when we went to Lowes to look for a new lawn mower they have their swing set displayed outside. Our daughter saw them and told her Dad that she wants to have her own swing set. We have the park but it is 20 minutes drive from where we live. After shopping for lawn mower we got home and my husband told me that he is going to buy our kids the swing set. Our daughter is four and our son is two months old. I was really not happy with his idea because we do not have that much money to spend.

I asked him where is he going to get his money to pay for the swing set? He replied telling me of using his credit card. Yes, we went to Lowes today and bought the swing set. He paid more than $1,000 just for the swing set. I knew that our kids will enjoy the swing set as it is just like bringing the park to our own backyard. Lucky kids. He also bought the lawn mower and ordered a snow plow.  I have no problem with the lawn mower and the snow plow because we really needs them. All I can do is to breath in, breath out since I am not responsible of paying for the swing set.

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