Blowing Her Birthday Candles


Yesterday, our daughter celebrated her 4th birthday. She had the ice cream cake  ordered from Dairy Queen, blizzard triple chocolate flavor. She put four  glittery candles on her cake. Her daddy lit the candles and our daughter blew  them off. It was a very delicious cake. Everyone loves it. By the way, it was  the Dairy Queen blizzard flavor of the month.

Birthday’s Coming – A Learning System Gift

Our daughter’s birthday is really approaching and my husband already got her  some gifts. Saturday, we went shopping for grocery items. We stopped by at the  toy section and saw this educational toy from Leap frog. It caught my interest.  I would say pricey for me but it is worth buying for our daughter’s birthday  plus it is just not a toy. It will helps her to read. What matter to me is the  education that she can learn and get from it. I was looking for purple as she  likes purple color, it is her favorite but they does not have a purple only  pink. Hope, that the pink toy is still there as I hid it because we are going to  buy it this coming weekend.

Thank You Cards

Our daughter celebrated her birthday a couple days ago. It was a successful  birthday party that we had.  All the invited guests showed up and brought gifts  for our daughter. Now, I am looking for a beautiful thank you card. Glad I found  this place called Paper Culture thank you cards and they have the modern,  stylish looking cards for different needs. If you are like me that is looking  for a thank you card too to send to your friends and relatives. Visit this place  and you will surely like their cards.

Designer Birthday Dress

Our daughter will be turning four this end of the month. I am planning of giving  her a birthday party which I do every year on her birthday. She is a summer baby  and in the first three years she wore summer outfit in her birthday and this  time I want to make this different as I notice that she likes to wear dress now.  Before I could not get her to wear a dress regardless how cute, pretty and  vibrant or fun the color was. She is growing and her taste in fashion  is also  changing. I like her to get use in wearing different types of dresses growing up  and have the confidence. So this year I am going to buy her a birthday dress  that she can wear on her special day for a change. There are birthday dresses  that are design and styled for summer time too in order for her to stay  comfortable.