North Face Fleece Winter Jacket

I felt fortunate to lived in a state where there are four different season. I love shopping for clothes and the changing of season gives me the reason to shop more and more.

Every winter, I get so excited of buying new winter coats, jackets, boots and accessories. There are coats and jackets that are very warm, just like the north face fleece here that are affordable, high quality, fits perfectly, and very comfortable.

There is a free shipping for over $35.00 on all orders in the lower 48 states. I love to shop in this store online for they really have reasonable prices and stylish coats and jackets for men and women.

Carhartt Work Pants for Men

Hubby is a mechanic and many times he uses more than one tool. It is very inconvenient for him to kept going in and out of the car especially if the problem is under the car to get the other tool he needs. The Carhartt work pants is what he need because of its multiple tool and utility pockets and since he wear work boot, the 19 inch leg opening will surely fit over his boots. Plus, hubby is tall. Therefore, the pants length is perfect for him as it is available in big and tall.

Mermaid in Pink Bikini Top


This was taken from my daughter’s favorite kid show called “The Wonder Pets” she likes to take pictures while watching her favorite shows. Thank’s to her because I could use her pictures for my meme. The mermaid is so cute especially in her pink bikini top. Feel the summer!

Easter Bunny Costume


This is for product review that I received sometime lasts week. Pink Easter Bunny costume. What the heck! When I received the package my daughter  was so excited because she was been waiting for this to be delivered. Then, daughter’s excitement and mine turn into a disappointment because it was very big for her. It was my size, it fits me only the length is a bit shorter. When I ordered the measurement was provided and I was aware. Never expected that it was going to be that huge. I was really puzzled of how to fit it to my daughter because I need to make a review showing her off wearing the outfit. Yesterday, I asked her to wear the bunny costume I used clothes pin at the back so that it would fit her, folded the sleeves and the hems. Then, here comes the dramatic part, the picture taking. She wants me to take a picture of her with her stuff animal frog that she name “eggy”-  the frog is definitely not part of it.

I made a deal. Told her to allow me to take a picture of her alone without eggy first then after that I can take a pictures of her and eggy. She did not like the idea. She ran to the bedroom and was crying. Gosh, what should I do?! Anyway, I got her to pose alone without her eggy. This photo was taken after she cried, after she ran and after I told her that if she would not cooperate with Mommy, I would put eggy in the garbage. Ha,ha! Bad me.


My Little Camper



This was our way to our neighbor’s house. Our little girl looks like she is going away for a day or two.  She put her toys in her back pack. Every time we go somewhere she would bring her toys not one, two or three. She would bring five or more which is consuming the space in our pick up truck. Anyway, we went to the neighbor and stayed for three hours and she doe not want to go home. It was a beautiful day but breezy, chilly so must have to wear her jeans and hooded sweatshirt.