Purple Birthday Card

Yesterday, was my birthday but it was funny because my husband ordered a cake that has the purple and white whipped topping on it. Purple is our daughter’s favorite color. I was surprised when he gave me a purple birthday card. Plus, he gave me another birthday card and told me that it is for our daughter’s birthday for December 31st and of course, purple birthday card. I was puzzled. Then , he realized and remembered that our daughter’s birthday will not be until July of next year.  Poor hubby! I could not blamed him with so many things to think about.

Does He Really Hate Shopping

My husband is just like the rest of typical husbands/male out there who does not find shopping as fun as women does. Every time we do our grocery shopping he would utter his famous line ” Get in, Get Out” just get what we need. He does not like crowd, bumping cart to another cart and everything. He always want to hit the store at a very early hour which is not me. I hate that. I love to shop anytime of the day but not early as 8 a.m.

He surprised me when one night he came home a little late. Whenever he gets home late it is either he went to stop to buy his cigarette supplies or to the beer store. This time was different. He went shopping himself. He stayed for one hour or a little more in the store to buy toys for our daughter for Christmas presents. When it comes to our daughter he could shop and roamed the store. Oh, well a father’s LOVE! I thought he picked up just a few things because I knew that we do not have that much money.

I knew my husband wants to give everything to our daughter. He is doing what he could. He spent almost $200 just for the gifts. I wrapped them up and put under the tree. My husband said that he wants to buy a couple more of gifts. I told him that what he spent is enough. This will really spoiled our daughter to the max. Lasts night, he came home and bought another toy. When is he going to stop? Thought, he does not like shopping. I bought a couple gifts for our daughter and I knew that she will be surprised because I bought her the one that she was been asking me to buy every time she sees it on television. I cannot wait to see her opening her gifts.

For The Sake of Wipes and Grapes

Wednesday night when I told my husband that our four year old daughter was out of her  baby wipes. She uses baby wipes, she does not like to use toilet paper because it is dry and not as good as the baby wipes. My husband told me that he is going to the nearby Walmart o get it the next day. He came home and I asked for it. He forgot. He came home almost 6 p.m. lasts night and to think that it was Thursday. Just a couple days before our grocery shopping. I told him to wait until Saturday and our daughter might be okay with toilet paper temporarily.

He decided to drive for 10 minutes though I knew that he just got home and tired from work but for the love to his daughter he is willing to do everything. It was dark and cold but he did not think twice of it. He might think that it was his fault because he forgot to buy the wipes before coming home. I told him that our daughter was complaining about using toilet paper and was miserable because she was not use of using it. I bet that trigger’s him to go ahead and grab his key. Also, our daughter was out of grapes. She likes to eat grapes. We like to buy dark grapes, red or black grapes. He came home from Walmart with baby wipes, grapes and other stuffs.



Christmas Picture With Santa

We got lucky today as I did not expect anything free picture from Walmart store though this happen every year. They have their own Santa and you can have your kid pose for free picture with Santa. This morning, I put her red shirt on with the word that say’s “happy” it looks like a Christmas shirt. She brought her baby teddy bear with her. That is our daughter. She cannot leave the house without any toys with her for company. I left my hubby and daughter at the fruit section as I badly needed to use the bathroom. A typical scenario of pregnant woman. Always use the bathroom to pee. On my way to the bathroom I saw Santa, sitting and waiting for any kids.

When I came back I told my hubby and daughter about Santa Claus. Lasts year, our daughter was scared of Santa though she had her picture still taken but it was not a good one. This time, when she heard me she got so excited. We were checking out and she could see Santa and she was waving to him. She had her picture taken with Santa Claus and it was very pretty. I had my camera with me and I snapped a shot of my own. It did not took that long for the picture to receive. It only took 10 minutes to developed. I was checking some toys at the toy section whiles daughter and hubby were at the arcade, playing games and rides. They won a purple teddy bear a new addition to our daughter’s toy collection.


Puss And Boots Happy Meal

Lasts Saturday, we went to Walmart for our usual grocery shopping. The Mc Donald  is not that far from Walmart. I told my husband that our daughter wants to have a happy meal to get the puss and boots toy and gradually collects them all. After all, situation was changed and we did not went to Mc Donald. The advertisement about Mc Donald’s Puss and Boots is still going on. Every time, our daughter would see it, she would ask me to buy it for her.

Lasts night, my husband came home from work. He had this little box and it was happy meal from Mc Donald. He stopped buy at the drive thru to order one. For sure, he asked first what to order to get the Puss and Boots and he was told to order a happy meal. Indeed, he saw the Puss and Boots on the menu. He came home so excited. Handed the happy meal to our daughter and to his dismay it was not the Puss and Boots, it was the Bakugan toy. He was upset! Good thing that our daughter likes it. Therefore, we have to go to at Mc Donald this coming Saturday to order one of the Puss and Boots toy collection for our daughter.