Purple Birthday Card

Yesterday, was my birthday but it was funny because my husband ordered a cake that has the purple and white whipped topping on it. Purple is our daughter’s favorite color. I was surprised when he gave me a purple birthday card. Plus, he gave me another birthday card and told me that it is for our daughter’s birthday for December 31st and of course, purple birthday card. I was puzzled. Then , he realized and remembered that our daughter’s birthday will not be until July of next year.  Poor hubby! I could not blamed him with so many things to think about.

Thank You Cards

Our daughter celebrated her birthday a couple days ago. It was a successful  birthday party that we had.  All the invited guests showed up and brought gifts  for our daughter. Now, I am looking for a beautiful thank you card. Glad I found  this place called Paper Culture thank you cards and they have the modern,  stylish looking cards for different needs. If you are like me that is looking  for a thank you card too to send to your friends and relatives. Visit this place  and you will surely like their cards.