The Free Clothes

My sister – in – law called one time addressed to my husband. It was all about  children clothes that she wants to give to our daughter. Want to know when my  husband could stop by to her place to pick up the clothes. Husband’s work place  is ten mile away from where my sister – in – law lived. I am excited to see the  clothes. Unfortunately, my husband has been driving his motorcycle everyday this  week going to work and no space for the clothes to put in. Lasts night, I want  to go to Walmart to buy something like apple, corn and muffin. I knew that  Saturday is not far and we are going grocery shopping. My little angel in my  womb cannot wait. I eat muffin as part of my breakfast now that I am pregnant.  Stop by at my sister – in- law’s place and picked up the clothes. Stayed for  almost hour and left.